The Senate and Assembly subcommittees on education finance have completed their hearings and took action reflecting their response to the Governor’s May Revision.  Both houses recognized, along with Governor Brown, the significant role California Community Colleges have as the state's workforce e

Governor Brown’s just-released  2016-17 May Revision represents a cautious and pragmatic budget proposal that maintains earlier commitments to education while exercising restraint in light of a slow-growth economy and an uncertain revenue future.

Commitment to the California College Promise Continues

Letter to Senator Leno and Assemblymember Ting sharing the League’s position on the proposed 2016-17 California community college budget. | Read Letter

College affordability is a necessary condition of student success.


Governor Brown released his 2016-17 state budget proposal - one that embraces and builds upon California Community Colleges’ efforts to create a strong California workforce through responsive educational programs.

On November 18, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) released the annual publication, California’s Fiscal Outlook.

After months of advocacy, your strong voice has been heard!

Last week, the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees held their final hearings to determine which bills would move to their respective floors for final passage.