Focus Areas

A Quality Public Option for All Californians
Community colleges are an invaluable investment. The California Community Colleges serve as an open door to a better life for generations of low-income and working-class students. Colleges are driven by an enduring vision of equity and understand their critical role in lifting the state’s economy, closing achievement gaps, and providing quality educational access to all Californians.

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Increase Formula Funding Rates 

General operating dollars fund innovation on campuses.  An investment in general resources through an increase to formula funding rates enable and support high functioning campuses.  A cost-of-living adjustment is essential for district sustainability.


Honor Voters’ Will and Fund the Backlog of Capital Outlay Projects
In 2016, California voters approved a facilities bond providing a $2 billion infrastructure investment in California’s community colleges. The failure to fund all Board of Governors approved and vetted facilities projects in the last two state budget cycles has resulted in an extensive backlog of projects, dismissing strong voter support for Proposition 51 and a massive facilities need of $42 billion over the next 10 years. Failing to fund these capital projects represents a missed opportunity to create jobs, preempt substantial development cost increases, and to cultivate a skilled and educated workforce in communities throughout the state. 



Remove the Sunset on College and Career Access Pathways (AB 288)
All students deserve exposure to and the opportunity to pursue higher education. For at-risk students, participation in dual enrollment courses results in increased college-going rates and greater persistence in higher education.  In developing seamless pathways to college and degree completion, college leaders have employed dual enrollment partnerships to facilitate student success. Key among the benefits of dual enrollment courses are: reduction of time-to-degree completion, increase in college attainment, and reducing achievement gaps for underrepresented students.  Dual enrollment also lays the foundation to strengthen connections between high schools and colleges. Community colleges are committed to working with the Legislature and the Administration to maximize the benefits of dual enrollment and to remove the sunset on the College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Act.



Assist Community Colleges in Helping Students Meet Their Basic Needs
Help colleges reduce food insecurity on campus by removing legal barriers and the red tape colleges face in qualifying as CalFresh approved vendors.  Districts and colleges have the potential to create more sustainable and effective partnerships to address students’ food and housing access challenges.

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Equitably Fund Cal Grants for Community College Students  
The 2018-19 Budget continues to distribute less than 10% of Cal Grant resources to California community college students despite the fact that our students comprise two-thirds of the higher education population. The lack of adequate financial aid leads students to take fewer classes, extends their time to graduation, and makes college unaffordable and a degrees substantially more difficult to obtain.


Support Broad Access to Professional Development Opportunities and Resources  
California Community Colleges are undergoing an important transformation aimed at improving student outcomes, and increasing equitable access to educational opportunities for all students. As a result, professional development resources have never been more important. Professional Development promotes the sharing, adoption, and implementation of effective practices and policies across the CCC system for faculty, staff, and administrators.

Workgroups & Task Forces

Affordability, Food & Housing

The CEOCCC Board established the CEO Affordability, Food & Housing Access Taskforce to provide system-wide recommendations to address housing and food insecurities faced daily by our students. 

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Student Engagement

The Student Engagement Council is comprised of student trustees from across California Community College system. 

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The League is pleased to provide the following resources for the accreditation efforts of California Community Colleges.

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Funding Formula

In 2018, Governor Brown proposed the establishment of a new funding formula for California's community colleges. 

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