Job Openings

Policy/Program Director, California EDGE Coalition
Sacramento, CA  | 

The California EDGE Coalition unites business, labor, social justice, education and workforce organizations to build a broadly shared prosperity for all Californians. We share a commitment to the idea that post-secondary education and training is the doorway into economic mobility for individuals and communities. Our coalition believes that when all individuals have the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities needed in today’s labor market, California will be positioned to thrive and prosper based upon the diversity, skills, and strength of its people. 

Working under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Policy/Program Director is responsible for policy development and legislative advocacy focused on closing California’s education and workforce skills gap to achieve greater equity, a broadly shared prosperity, and economic mobility for all Californians. The Director is also responsible for leading programmatic initiatives, meeting contract deliverables, and for contract reporting. 


  • Analyze key legislation and state budget proposals 
  • Lead legislative, budget, and administrative advocacy 
  • Organize briefings for policymakers and other stakeholders to further their understanding of policy and practice related to workforce education and training 
  • Write papers, articles, and social media posts to raise awareness and advance policy priorities 
  • In partnership with the Executive Director, develop and oversee policy proposals and legislative strategy to advance EDGE’s policy agenda 
  • Build and maintain relationships with board members, partner organizations, coalitions, foundations, and associations throughout California and the Nation to advance policy goals
  • Build and maintain relationships with elected officials, their representatives, the Governor’s Office,and state agency staff
  • Respond to requests for information from members, policymakers, partners, and other stakeholders
  • In partnership with the Executive Director, lead in the development and achievement of policy and programmatic goals
  • Ensure the timely completion/submission of contract reporting and high-quality deliverables
  • Regularly review program financial statements to ensure the budget is adhered to
  • Represent EDGE in the community by attending various meetings, events, hearings, etc.
  • Deliver advocacy trainings and presentations
  • Conduct outreach to grow the network
  • Engage stakeholders and community-based organizations to ensure the voice of lived experience is reflected EDGE’s policy work
  • Participate in various statewide committees and workgroups

The Community College League of California is the California EDGE Coalition’s fiscal sponsor. For more information about how to apply, CLICK HERE.

Request For Proposals (RFPs)

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